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If you’re considering going blonde this summer, here’s how to make it a healthy transition. 

Hi! If you’re considering going blonde or lightening during your next hair appointment, you’ve found the right corner of the internet. Create Space Hair Co. in Chilliwack, BC is home to award-winning blonde hair specialists who specialize in transforming your hair responsibly. Whether you’re contemplating a subtle honey hue or a striking platinum shade, we’re here to help you enjoy the process of transitioning to blonde—while maintaining your hair’s integrity.

Here are six rules for transitioning to blonde: 

Rule #1: Your hair’s health over all else. 

Yes, I needed that to rhyme to really emphasize just how important this first rule is for transitioning to blonde. If you take nothing else from this article, please do not put your desire to go lighter over your hair’s health. Trust your colourist, and if they recommend taking the transition slower, then there’s a reason. Prioritizing the preservation of your hair’s health is the only way you’ll get the results. So, what does that mean? Your transition to blonde will require patience and 90 percent of the time, more than one appointment. 

Before beginning the blonding process, our blonde experts will first determine if your hair is in stable enough condition to go ahead with the process. Simply put, if we move ahead and attempt blonding hair that is not in strong enough condition, it will snap off or even worse, melt off. Yes, that can happen. . We can only determine a lightening plan for you, once we understand what your hair can handle in its current state. 

The process of transitioning to blonde involves bleaching the hair, which can be very damaging if it is done too quickly or without proper precautions. Bleach works by opening the hair cuticle and removing the pigment, both natural and artificial. Doing this aggressively can severely weaken the hair, making it brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. To minimize damage, we almost always recommend lightening the hair gradually over several sessions. This allows for deep conditioning treatments, providing your hair the opportunity to recover in between sessions.

Unfortunately, there are times where we must refuse any lightening services to clients, purely because we know your hair cannot handle the process. We promise to always give you an honest assessment, even if that means our chair sits empty for the day. If you find yourself in this camp, don’t panic, there’s advice coming for you below. 

Everyone’s hair lightens at different rates and as much as we’d like to definitively tell you how many sessions you’ll require to get to your inspiration pic, we have to see how your hair will lift. If you have any colour build-up from previous treatments, you will most likely not be able to achieve blonde in a single session. Especially if you are brunette, where red is the most common underlaying pigment, you’ll have to accept that you may go through a warm phase during your lightening process. On the other hand, if you have virgin hair, your transition to blonde may be a lot smoother. 

Despite there being a lot of unknowns, we can promise you something with absolute certainty: it is possible to enjoy the transition to blonde! We aren’t going to allow you to leave our chairs with your hair looking “in between” or “unfinished.” If you take a look back at Khloe Kardashian transition to blonde, she is the perfect example about how beautiful the transformation can be. 

Rule #2: The transition to blonde starts before your first appointment. 

Don’t sleep on prepping your hair for its transition to blonde; the condition of your hair is the foundation of a beautiful blonde transformation. While no colour looks great when the hair is dry or dull, blonde hair is arguably the least forgiving. You can have the most beautiful blonde tones, but if your hair is screaming breakage, it’s not going to achieve the blonde in your Pinterest inspiration. 

As soon as you book your first blonde transition hair appointment (ideally a minimum of two to four weeks prior), you can begin prepping the hair for its first blonding session. Since going blonde typically involves bleaching, which can be stressful on your strands, we recommend including nourishing hair masks and serums to ensure your hair remains resilient throughout the lightening process. Not sure what products are best suited for your hair’s condition? Feel free to pop by our salon boutique in Chilliwack to speak to our team about our full line of Kerastase and Davines products. You can also shop all our products online in our curated boutique. To make navigating simpler, we’ve broken down our products by hair concern here. 

There is a chance that during your blonde consultation that your colourist recommends you postpone the treatment in order to better prepare the hair for lightening. If you’re concerned about the condition of your hair, get in touch with our team as soon as you book your colour appointment and we’ll help you prepare and stay on schedule.

Rule #3: Arrive armed with dirty hair and inspiration.

Your blonde transition reservation is coming up at Create Space Hair Co., here’s how to prepare:

  •  First off, allocate the time. Expect to spend a few hours with us in the salon and ensure you have the time off work or childcare in place to not rush your experience. Bring everything you need to connect (laptop, airpods, etc.) or disconnect (book, journal, etc.) and we’ve got the rest. Coffee, cold drinks, snacks, and comfortable seating—if there’s anything you need to make your visit more comfortable, please let any of us know. 
  • Please bring with you several inspiration photos of the blonde you’d like to achieve, and visuals of what you DON’T want—this will help our team better understand your overall blonding goals and where they can take your hair during your first appointment. Remember, this visual aid serves as a direct line of communication between you and your stylist. If you’re stuck on ideas, we highly recommend visiting the “tagged” section of our Instagram to see the latest beautiful work coming out of our salon. 
  • Arrive with your hair dirty, like three-day-old hair. And by dirty, we mean naturally. The longer the natural oils have time to soak into the strands, the more protection against the harsh dyes. You may find yourself rocking a slick-back bun or braid for the days leading up to your appointment and that’s perfect.
  • Choose your hair salon outfit and make sure it’s not your favourite. While we are as careful as we can be, we can’t guarantee that colour or water doesn’t get onto your favourite shirt. Avoid any hoodies or white and remove any jewelry that may get in the way (necklaces or piercings). Also bring in a cute outfit to change into afterwards so your stylists can get great photos of your new look! And yes, we are always happy to share them with you. 

Rule #4: Manage your expectations.

Please do not come in for one session and expect to be twinning with the celeb in your inspiration picture by the time you leave the chair. As we already mentioned, transitioning to blonde may take several sessions (typically between three and four sessions spaced eight weeks apart) so that the hair doesn’t break from chemical stresses put on it from the lightning process. Depending on your desired blonde and current hair colour/condition, your colourist will be able to give you a better understanding of what to expect out of your treatment. 

Different hair types react to bleaching in different ways. Coarse, thick hair might tolerate bleaching better and require fewer sessions, while fine or already damaged hair might need a slower approach to avoid excessive damage. Additionally, previously colored or treated hair might react unpredictably to bleach, requiring a more cautious and customized approach.

Remember, transitioning to blonde is a process. While the overall goal may be to reach and maintain a specific blonde shade, the initial sessions may focus on achieving lightness. In subsequent sessions, the focus may be on adding dimension with balayage or lowlights. 

Another reason we may not be able (or want) to achieve the same blonde as in your inspiration photo is because of your complexion. Oftentimes, we love a certain tone on someone on our feed only to realize that tone does not work with our own skin tone—and that’s okay! As blonde specialists in Chilliwack, we are here to help find the right shade for you. 

Every visit at Create Space Hair Co. begins with a chat to discuss your hair goals, take a look at your inspiration photos and determine your hair’s current condition. From there, our blonde experts will work with you to create a customized treatment plan and set expectations for the day. This is the perfect opportunity to address any concerns you may have and for you to consider your budget for a seamless blonde transition. 

Rule #5: Trust your stylist.

We NEVER take it for granted that you choose to sit in our chairs and trust our hairstylists to transform the way you see yourself, and how the world sees you. This is a responsibility that we do not take lightly and we appreciate that you need to feel comfortable trusting us. We highly encourage you to learn more about the stylists on our team and read some of our recent reviews before booking in. We want you to find the perfect hair partner for you, even if that means trying our stylists’ chairs Goldilocks style until you do.

Trusting your stylist throughout the process of transitioning blonde is vital for achieving your healthiest, dream shade. Please note, our team will never recommend or offer you a treatment/product that we don’t truly believe you need. During your blonding process, we may recommend toning treatments and more frequent trims, hydrating masks at the sink or changing your at-home hair care products. All of these recommendations are typical of maintaining healthy blonde hair and often lead to your “big appointments” being far more economical as you’ll spend less time/money on fixing damage created in between treatments. These in between, maintenance treatments are vital in reducing damage and enhancing the longevity of your blonde.

We are all about communication at Create Space—if you have a question about anything your stylist is recommending, do not be afraid to ask for clarification from anyone on our team. 

Rule #6: Investing in at-home products isn’t optional.

Of course we aren’t going to force you to purchase products before you leave the salon, but we are also not going to be surprised when you come back to our chairs in a few weeks unhappy with your hair because you’ve been using inadequate product care  on your new blonde. Here at Create Space Hair Co., we understand that this transformation involves not just a change in your hair color, but also in how you care for your hair.

If you’re transitioning to blonde, especially for the first time, please note that the products required to maintain your desired tone differs from what you may be used to as a brunette, etc. Regular use of purple shampoos and conditioners can help manage brassiness and deep-conditioning masks will keep your strands hydrated and from breaking.  We offer a range of products specifically suited for blonde hair care from both Kerastase and Davines. We truly believe that investing in your at-home hair products is the BEST thing you can do for your blonde. Here are our blonde go-to products.   

In addition to using proper products at home, opt for soft styling such as a blowout or heatless curls over reaching for that hot straightener. Always use heat protection when styling. 

Blonde Hairstylists in Chilliwack, BC

Transitioning to blonde is a delicate, but very fun, process. As blonde specialists in Chilliwack, we are committed to helping you feel confident throughout the process. To get started, click here to request a reservation.