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We celebrate, respect and CREATE SPACE for the beauty of identity and diversity through the power of art, expression and individual experience.

About Us


Est. 2020

This was all sparked by an idea… an Idea that we don’t have to focus on a brand, but rather focus on the people. The people who make this world uniquely beautiful. This Hair Salon is a Space where we elevate and recognize the diversity of our strengths, and address our weaknesses by investigating systems and processes in place to uncover blind spots in our industry, and finding ways to reimagine them. We eliminate the idea of FIT, and focus on helping individuals thrive. We create the space for hair stylists to perfect their craft, and for each guest in the salon chair to inspire us. Constant education is the key to success, which is held to the highest standard.

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“We celebrate, respect, and CREATE SPACE for the beauty of identity and diversity through the power of art, expression and the individual experience.”

Jaime Powell

Founder, Lead Stylist & Bellami Certified Extensionist

Only the Best

Value Goes Beyond Words

We want every guest knowing their time and presence is valued. This will not be your in and out shop. Our goal is to not just meet, but to exceed the industry standards of the salon experience with our service quality and the products we use.

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So…Why are we a Davines Exclusive Salon?

There are more than enough options on the market right now for hair products, many of which have good formulas with decent results. With so many to choose from, so how do you pick one that not only makes your hair amazing but satisfies you conscientious consumer decision? Davines stands out to us because it offers a comprehensive, well-established line of products designed to not only provide you with incredible results but also a way to enjoy sustainable, safe products in your home. We proudly represent and encourage Davines products for all hair care needs. The quality is simply hard to beat which means you’ll always get outstanding results without having to compromise sustainability.

We represent a brand that is exclusively for salons that focuses on the concept of sustainable beauty. The line of hair care products uses only the highest quality of natural ingredients. Making the product line eco-friendly and they’re designed to have the least impact on the environment after use. Davines is our main product line as their vision is something we fundamentally believe. We want the products we carry to align with our own beliefs and values. With Davines, the more we care about Beauty, the more we care for and about the world of today, and tomorrow.

So…Where Does It All Go?

We are certified Sustainable Salon by partnering with the Green Circle initiative. Created by Hair industry leaders, their award-winning program empowers salons to recover up to 95% of the beauty waste. That includes previously unrecoverable materials and hard-to-recycle items like hair, foils, excess hair color, aerosol cans, and color tubes.
So where does it all go?

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Let’s Cut To It.

HAIR – Composted with other organic waste / Turned into bio-composite plastic to make new products like recycling bins / Used to research and develop new environmental technology like insulation and storm water filtration / Made into products to be used for humanitarian efforts such as cleaning up oil spills in our oceans.
EXCESS HAIR COLOUR – Turned into clean energy / Be separated into water and oil to be cleaned and returned to our water system or blended into fuel.
METALS – Melted down into aluminum sheets or bars to be used to make new products like car parts or bicycles.
SINGLE USE PRODUCTS – Used in a waste-to-energy process to create renewable energy and the leftover ash is used as asphalt.
PAPER AND CARDBOARD – Sorted by grade, broken down into paper pulp and used to make paper products or cellulose insulation.
PLASTIC – Sorted by type, cleaned, ground into small pieces and used to make new products like shampoo bottles!
PPE WASTE – Turned into clean renewable energy to power homes and businesses / Ash used to make filler in asphalt and other construction materials like brick.